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China Custom Best Price Fixed Speed Drive Oil Lubricated Two Stage Rotary Double Screw Type Air Compressor air compressor parts

Product Description

china manufacture for 2 stage compression screw air compressor with ce and ISO certificate 

1. Company introduces & advtanges of ZheJiang Great Air Compressor Manufacturing :

ZheJiang Great Air compressor Co., ltd, is 1 leading manufacture and exporter of air compressor in ZheJiang , China, Founded 1957 years, coving an area of 200000 square meters. Now exporting to more than 120 countries. Has established a huge sales and service network at home and abroad.

GREAT’ s main products range as blow:
-oil-injected rotary screw air compressor(fixed speed, variable speed; medium & low pressure)
-portable rotary screw air compressor(diesel powered, electric motor powered)
– low pressure screw air compressor
– outdoor screw air compressor 
– oil free screw blower(variable speed)
-oil free air compressor( scroll type, dry type, water lubricated type)
-air treatment equipment( air dryer, air tanker, filers etc.)

All of our machines are designed for high realiable performance, easy maintenance, and maximum energy efficiency. 


Our company advantages  1. Over 60 years China professsinal manufacture for air compressor ,An ISO9000 company

2.European standard,China made &factory directly supply 

3. Superior porformance &high efficiency with reasonable price 

4.Low power consumptions for more output

5.Trouble free & cost saving

6.Timely pre-sale and after-sale service 

7.Easy operatation &maintenance  

2. Products introductions &advantages for  2 stage compression  screw air compressor :


Our products features 1.Approved by ISO9001/ SGS,/CE etc..

2.Adopt the most advanced technology and world famous brand of twin screw main machine designing and  manufacturing, no leakage, ensure high air discharge and low energy consumption.

3.  Adopt high quality electric motor with CHINAMFG bearing, IP54, convenient maintenance and long use life.

4. Adopt world famous brand of air intake filter, oil filter, air and oil separator, realize high filtration accuracy, compressed air oil content under 3ppm, reach to international advanced standard level. 

5. Equip with the most advanced air control system. Adopt air intake valve, intelligent control system and pressure sensor combined control method, can operate by ON and OFF 2 point, stepless air capacity control system, time-delay stop and automatically start device 3 air capacity control methods, can meet different clients demand.

6.Intelligent microcomputer control system, Chinese and English language operation interface, malfunction display, alarm and machine stop automatically.

7.Adopt high quality and world famous brand of main components, like UK APD oil filter, America AMOT temperature controlling valve, SCHNEIDER electric parts and etc., high efficiency, reliable and long use life.
8. Equip with after air compression cooler combination with the air and water separator, compact structure and save space, avoid leakage and improve the air and water separating efficiency mostly.

Feature  for 2 stage compression screw air compressor :

The state clearly classifies energy efficiency levels limit value. The 2 class  energy efficiency products can save 10%~15% of the power than 3 class energy efficiency products.and the 1 class energy efficiency products  can save 10%~15% of the power than 2 class energy efficiency products. energy-saving effect is remarkable .

Energy -saving principle :

  1. Curve 12 ‘3’ is an isothermal compression process, it form the area of 613 ‘4 with Y-axis which is the indicated work of isothermal compression
  2. Curve 123” is the 1 stage compression process, it form  the area 613 ”4 with Y-axis which is the indicator work of the 1 stage compression.
  3. Curve 12, 22 ‘and 2′ 3 are the 2 stage compression process, and the sum of the area 6125 and the area 52 ’34 (6122’ 34) with Y-axis which is the indicator work of the 2 stage compression.
  4. It can be seen from the diagram that the isothermal compression process 613 ‘4 area (indicating work) is the smallest, but it is impossible to achieve isothermal compression in the air compressors’ actual compression.

The 1 stage compression has the bigger area of power 13 ‘3 than isothermal compression, while the 2 stage compression saves 22″ 33 “area of power.

Features description:

  1. Oil injected screw air compressor can achieve the usual power system exhaust pressure by only Single stage compression. But from the view of energy consumption point, the use of 2 stage of compression can effectively reduce energy consumption.
  2. So, ZheJiang Great air compressor co., LTD. has introduced 2 stage compression of energy efficiency screw air compressor. The 2 stage compressed-jet screw air compressor has more capacity of 12% to 18% than the CHINAMFG compressed injection screw  air compressor with the equivalent power. In other words, with the same amount of compressed air, the 2 stage compression can save an average of 15% of power compared with 1 stage compression
  3. 2 stage compression of oil injected screw machine has the unique design of the air end, it will combined the1 stage compression rotor and 2 stage compression rotor within a chassis, make each rotor can get optimal linear velocity by the gear directly rotating respectively, so the compression efficiency is higher. 

2 stage compression air compressor, take the built-in spray curtain of cooling, cooling effect is good, greatly reduces the temperature of compressed air, realize the nearly isothermal compression, and can reduce the pressure loss of between 1 class ~ 2 class, lower compression ratio and improve the compression efficiency


  1. After 1 stage compression, coolant through multiple jet hole on the body, form the mist jet shade, to cool the hot 1 stage compressed air, greatly reduces the compressed air temperature before entering the 2 stage compression, which is near to isothermal compression process, save the energy compression effect.
  2. Even without inter-stage cooling, 2 stage compression is more efficient than CHINAMFG compression. This is because the volume of air becomes smaller after the 1 stage compression, so the 2nd stage compression can use a smaller diameter of the rotor, and the leakage rate of the unit volume is small.
  3. Reduce internal leakage: use 2 stage compression, reduce the compression ratio of each compression, reduce the leakage from the high pressure side to the low pressure side per class, and improve the volume efficiency.
  4. Noise reduction: the compression ratio of each compression is reduced by taking 2 stage compression, which greatly reduces the noise, especially the unloading noise
  5. 2 stage compression unit, except for screw air end, the other system and structure arrangement of the unit is basically the same as the CHINAMFG compression, which is convenient for the maintenance and usage to the user.
  6. For users  who need  large air consumption and continuously use, should take priority to use of a 2 stage compressed  1 class energy efficiency air compressor

TKL- Series of 1 class energy efficiency air compressor with 2 class,3 class energy efficiency comparation:

  TKL 2 class energy efficiency  3 class energy efficiency
Model TKL-200-41/8-II USD-250-8 ML-250
Cooling method  Air cooling  Air cooling  Air cooling 
Measured exhaust pressure 7bar 7bar 7bar
Nominal power  200kw 250kw 250kw
Measured input power 225.1kw 256.4kw 297.32kw
Measured exhaust capacity 41.4m³/min 41.9m³/min 42.283m³/min
Measured ratio 5.45kw(m³/min) 6.12 kw(m³/min) 7.037 kw(m³/min)
According to the national GB19153-2009 energy efficiency rating 1 class(1 class<=5.5; 2 class<=6.2;3 class<=7.1) 2 class(1 class<=5.5; 2 class<=6.2;3 class<=7.1)  3 class(1 class<=5.5; 2 class<=6.2;3 class<=7.1)
  1. Compared with the 2 class energy efficiency air compressor unit, the electricity saving cost is: Energy saving per hour(6.12-5.45)*41.4=27.738KWH  saving for 8000 hours $27.738*8000*$0.12=$26629
  2. Compared with the 3 class energy efficiency air compressor unit, the electricity saving cost is: Energy savings per hour (7.037-5.45)*4.14=65.7018KWH saving for 8000 hours $65.7018 *8000*$0.12=$63074



Product features:
“GREAT” special project screw air compressor is designed for field operation, which can operate smoothly under the harsh conditions in the wild and ensure the smooth operation of the project. Well adapt to ore docks loading and unloading, steel, electric power, coal mining enterprises, railway, bridge construction, tunnel excavation, ship manufacturing, mining and other field operation and bad environment, with a waterproof, moisture proof, dustproof design, and to consider using in more dust environment, the low temperature environment, vibration environment, especially suitable for air compressor working site space constraints which can’t install gas storage environment

Feature description: 

  1. 1. Easy to operate, only press the “start ” switch;
  2. 2. Equipped with the function of remote control to the air compressor, the remote warning contacting  can provide the warning indication of remote fault.
  3. 3. The models for outdoor with IP55 standard electrical box, absolutely ensure that the dust does not affect the internal components of the electrical box, unique design of inlet air hole which can natural cool to  the electrical box to ensure electrical life;
  4. 4. Specially designed heavy-duty air intake filter designed for dustproof working conditions to ensure that the air compressor host is free of wear and tear;
  5. 5. The contactor and thermal relay are selected for the schneider famous brand
  6. 6. The overall air intake dust proof and filtering treatment of the box body, insulate the environment dust, avoid the pollution of the internal parts of the air compressor, protect the motor and valve parts, and extend the use life of the intake filter. The special material filter plate , oil and water resistant and high temperature resistant, can be used again and again to reduce the use cost;
  7. 7. If the unit has to be installed in the vibration environment, there are anti-vibration units for user selection;
  8. 8. In order to solve the problem of oil supply problem when the air compressor is started at low temperature, there are low-temperature units for user selection;
  9. 9. Special design of the air compressor can be 0 ~ 100% capacity regulating function, according to the variation of gas consumption automatic voltage stabilizing operation, especially suitable for no tank use, no need consider to start the problem and the frequently load and unload problems

3.Technical Parameters for  GREAT 2 stage compression fixed speed screw air compressor:

Model   Working pressure (Bar) Flow Air Capacity  (m3/min) Power (Kw) Noise (dBa) Dimensions (mm) Outlet pipe size Weight (Kg)
TKL-45F-II 8 9.5 45 68 1800*1500*1510 DN50 2400
10 8.8
13 8.1
TKL-55F-II 8 11.5 55 68 1800*1500*1510 DN50 2430
10 10.9
13 10.5
TKL-75F-II 8 16.1 75 68 2470*1700*2571 DN65 2700
10 14.5
13 12.5
TKL-90F-II 8 19.8 90 68 2470*1700*2571 DN65 2800
10 16.5
13 13.5
TKL-110F-II 8 24.0 110 68 2660*1700*2571 DN65 2850
10 19.8
13 17.2
TKL-132F-II 8 28.3 132 70 2660*1700*2571 DN65 4150
10 23.2
13 19.2
TKL-160F-II 8 33.3 160 72 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5100
10 28.4
13 23.6
TKL-185F-II 8 38.5 185 72 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5200
10 33.3
13 28.4
TKL-200F-II 8 41.3 200 75 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5250
10 38.5
13 33.5
TKL-220F-II 8 45.5 220 75 3720*2220*2200 DN100 6100
10 40.8
13 37.6
TKL-250F-II 8 54.7 250 75 3720*2220*2200 DN100 6200


4.Application :

6.Certification :

7. Pakcing& shipping :

8. FAQ : 
Q1: Are you factory or trade company?  
A1: We are factory.
Q2: Warranty terms of your machine? 
A2: One year warranty for the machine and technical support according to your needs.
Q3: Will you provide some spare parts of the machines? 
A3: Yes, of course.
Q4: How long will you take to arrange production? 
A4: 380V 50HZ we can delivery the goods within 20 days. Other electricity or other color we will delivery within 30 days.
Q5: Can you accept OEM orders? 
A5: Yes, with professional design team, OEM orders are highly welcome!

9. Contact :


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After-sales Service: Online Techinal Support or Remote Debuging
Warranty: 12-24 Month
Lubrication Style: Lubricated
Cooling System: Air Cooling
Power Source: AC Power
Cylinder Position: Vertical


air compressor

How are air compressors utilized in the aerospace industry?

Air compressors play a crucial role in various applications within the aerospace industry. They are utilized for a wide range of tasks that require compressed air or gas. Here are some key uses of air compressors in the aerospace industry:

1. Aircraft Systems:

Air compressors are used in aircraft systems to provide compressed air for various functions. They supply compressed air for pneumatic systems, such as landing gear operation, braking systems, wing flap control, and flight control surfaces. Compressed air is also utilized for starting aircraft engines and for cabin pressurization and air conditioning systems.

2. Ground Support Equipment:

Air compressors are employed in ground support equipment used in the aerospace industry. They provide compressed air for tasks such as inflating aircraft tires, operating pneumatic tools for maintenance and repair, and powering air-driven systems for fueling, lubrication, and hydraulic operations.

3. Component Testing:

Air compressors are utilized in component testing within the aerospace industry. They supply compressed air for testing and calibrating various aircraft components, such as valves, actuators, pressure sensors, pneumatic switches, and control systems. Compressed air is used to simulate operating conditions and evaluate the performance and reliability of these components.

4. Airborne Systems:

In certain aircraft, air compressors are employed for specific airborne systems. For example, in military aircraft, air compressors are used for air-to-air refueling systems, where compressed air is utilized to transfer fuel between aircraft in mid-air. Compressed air is also employed in aircraft de-icing systems, where it is used to inflate inflatable de-icing boots on the wing surfaces to remove ice accumulation during flight.

5. Environmental Control Systems:

Air compressors play a critical role in the environmental control systems of aircraft. They supply compressed air for air conditioning, ventilation, and pressurization systems, ensuring a comfortable and controlled environment inside the aircraft cabin. Compressed air is used to cool and circulate air, maintain desired cabin pressure, and control humidity levels.

6. Engine Testing:

In the aerospace industry, air compressors are utilized for engine testing purposes. They provide compressed air for engine test cells, where aircraft engines are tested for performance, efficiency, and durability. Compressed air is used to simulate different operating conditions and loads on the engine, allowing engineers to assess its performance and make necessary adjustments or improvements.

7. Oxygen Systems:

In aircraft, air compressors are involved in the production of medical-grade oxygen for onboard oxygen systems. Compressed air is passed through molecular sieve beds or other oxygen concentrator systems to separate oxygen from other components of air. The generated oxygen is then supplied to the onboard oxygen systems, ensuring a sufficient and continuous supply of breathable oxygen for passengers and crew at high altitudes.

It is important to note that air compressors used in the aerospace industry must meet stringent quality and safety standards. They need to be reliable, efficient, and capable of operating under demanding conditions to ensure the safety and performance of aircraft systems.

air compressor

What are the environmental considerations when using air compressors?

When using air compressors, there are several environmental considerations to keep in mind. Here’s an in-depth look at some of the key factors:

Energy Efficiency:

Energy efficiency is a crucial environmental consideration when using air compressors. Compressing air requires a significant amount of energy, and inefficient compressors can consume excessive power, leading to higher energy consumption and increased greenhouse gas emissions. It is important to choose energy-efficient air compressors that incorporate features such as Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology and efficient motor design, as they can help minimize energy waste and reduce the carbon footprint.

Air Leakage:

Air leakage is a common issue in compressed air systems and can contribute to energy waste and environmental impact. Leaks in the system result in the continuous release of compressed air, requiring the compressor to work harder and consume more energy to maintain the desired pressure. Regular inspection and maintenance of the compressed air system to detect and repair leaks can help reduce air loss and improve overall energy efficiency.

Noise Pollution:

Air compressors can generate significant noise levels during operation, which can contribute to noise pollution. Prolonged exposure to high noise levels can have detrimental effects on human health and well-being and can also impact the surrounding environment and wildlife. It is important to consider noise reduction measures such as sound insulation, proper equipment placement, and using quieter compressor models to mitigate the impact of noise pollution.


While air compressors do not directly emit pollutants, the electricity or fuel used to power them can have an environmental impact. If the electricity is generated from fossil fuels, the associated emissions from power plants contribute to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Choosing energy sources with lower emissions, such as renewable energy, can help reduce the environmental impact of operating air compressors.

Proper Waste Management:

Proper waste management is essential when using air compressors. This includes the appropriate disposal of compressor lubricants, filters, and other maintenance-related materials. It is important to follow local regulations and guidelines for waste disposal to prevent contamination of soil, water, or air and minimize the environmental impact.

Sustainable Practices:

Adopting sustainable practices can further reduce the environmental impact of using air compressors. This can include implementing preventive maintenance programs to optimize performance, reducing idle time, and promoting responsible use of compressed air by avoiding overpressurization and optimizing system design.

By considering these environmental factors and taking appropriate measures, it is possible to minimize the environmental impact associated with the use of air compressors. Choosing energy-efficient models, addressing air leaks, managing waste properly, and adopting sustainable practices can contribute to a more environmentally friendly operation.

air compressor

What are the key components of an air compressor system?

An air compressor system consists of several key components that work together to generate and deliver compressed air. Here are the essential components:

1. Compressor Pump: The compressor pump is the heart of the air compressor system. It draws in ambient air and compresses it to a higher pressure. The pump can be reciprocating (piston-driven) or rotary (screw, vane, or scroll-driven) based on the compressor type.

2. Electric Motor or Engine: The electric motor or engine is responsible for driving the compressor pump. It provides the power necessary to operate the pump and compress the air. The motor or engine’s size and power rating depend on the compressor’s capacity and intended application.

3. Air Intake: The air intake is the opening or inlet through which ambient air enters the compressor system. It is equipped with filters to remove dust, debris, and contaminants from the incoming air, ensuring clean air supply and protecting the compressor components.

4. Compression Chamber: The compression chamber is where the actual compression of air takes place. In reciprocating compressors, it consists of cylinders, pistons, valves, and connecting rods. In rotary compressors, it comprises intermeshing screws, vanes, or scrolls that compress the air as they rotate.

5. Receiver Tank: The receiver tank, also known as an air tank, is a storage vessel that holds the compressed air. It acts as a buffer, allowing for a steady supply of compressed air during peak demand periods and reducing pressure fluctuations. The tank also helps separate moisture from the compressed air, allowing it to condense and be drained out.

6. Pressure Relief Valve: The pressure relief valve is a safety device that protects the compressor system from over-pressurization. It automatically releases excess pressure if it exceeds a predetermined limit, preventing damage to the system and ensuring safe operation.

7. Pressure Switch: The pressure switch is an electrical component that controls the operation of the compressor motor. It monitors the pressure in the system and automatically starts or stops the motor based on pre-set pressure levels. This helps maintain the desired pressure range in the receiver tank.

8. Regulator: The regulator is a device used to control and adjust the output pressure of the compressed air. It allows users to set the desired pressure level for specific applications, ensuring a consistent and safe supply of compressed air.

9. Air Outlet and Distribution System: The air outlet is the point where the compressed air is delivered from the compressor system. It is connected to a distribution system comprising pipes, hoses, fittings, and valves that carry the compressed air to the desired application points or tools.

10. Filters, Dryers, and Lubricators: Depending on the application and air quality requirements, additional components such as filters, dryers, and lubricators may be included in the system. Filters remove contaminants, dryers remove moisture from the compressed air, and lubricators provide lubrication to pneumatic tools and equipment.

These are the key components of an air compressor system. Each component plays a crucial role in the generation, storage, and delivery of compressed air for various industrial, commercial, and personal applications.

China Custom Best Price Fixed Speed Drive Oil Lubricated Two Stage Rotary Double Screw Type Air Compressor   air compressor partsChina Custom Best Price Fixed Speed Drive Oil Lubricated Two Stage Rotary Double Screw Type Air Compressor   air compressor parts
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