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Product Description

Product Description

Table CNC plasma/flame cutting machine system can cut any flat shape parts composed of straight lines and arcs. The graphic is static and dynamic, easy to learn, can be programmed directly on the machine, or can be drawn on a computer or attached by using a ready-made CAD file. The gifted software is directly converted into a G code program file, and is automatically cut by copying it to the operating system through a USB flash drive. TABLE gantry type double-sided drive structure, exquisite system structure, high degree of automation, simple operation, convenient maintenance, high reliability, easy cutting from sheet metal to large thickness steel plate, the product is widely used in metal sheet cutting in various manufacturing fields. The cutting process can cut carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal sheets.

Detailed Images


Control System F2100T

ZheJiang Fangling brand Control system with 7inch touchscreen, with built – in 48 figures, you could choose pattern from these figures directly, very convenient.

  • Drag chain
  • It can be fixed plasma CHINAMFG or flame torch, electric wire is installed in it, avoid 

Chinese best brand plasma power source; 63/100/120/160/200/300/400A

Use soft switch inverter technology, to make cutting current very stable; Cutting current rise slowly, reduce consumption of cutting parts; Has a wide adaptability to grid voltage; Unique dust-proof design, high reliability; Compact structure, small volume, light weight, can be installed on many kinds CNC machines;

  • Big size Track
  • use high precision linear guide, and light weight alloy-aluminum horizontal rail, not easy become deformation.


Cutting torch

Flame cutting CHINAMFG is fixed, plasma cutting CHINAMFG is mobile type. Flame CHINAMFG and plasma CHINAMFG could be changed very easily.

  • Double driver with CHINAMFG brand stepper motor

          Famous brand in China


Size Information

Technical Parameters

Technical Specification




Effective cutting range(mm)



Cutting speed (mm/min)


Input power source

380v±10% VAC,50/60HZ,three phase

Input Machine body

220V±10%V AC, 50/60HZ, Single phase

Plasma cutting thickness(mm)

0.5-30mm (According to your plasma power source)

Plasma cutting gas

compressed air

Cutting torch

one plasma cutting CHINAMFG with plasma power source

CNC controller system



Build-in controller


Leadshine Stepper motor and drive

Drive type

Bilateral drive

Operation precision


Xihu (West Lake) Dis. length ×guide width ×guide thickness (mm)


Nesting software

StarCam or Fastcam

Gas pressure (Mpa)


Working pictures

  JX-1530D JX-2040D table CNC plasma cutting machine removable is used to cut 0.3- 32mm thin metal sheets, the metal sheet could be iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, Titanium, tin and many other kinds metal. Widely used in trucks, trailers, motorcycles, pressure vessls, general machinery, steel structure, ship and so on.

Packaging & Shipping

One machine picked in 2 or 3 wooden cases. Shipped by sea by LCL, or by truck, by air.

Company Profile

  ZheJiang CHINAMFG Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.located in the hometown of Confucius and Mencius-HangZhou City, northwest of excellent transport location for communication between business and customers to provide a great convenience and fast.
  Science and technology are primary productive forces”continuous advancement of technology is the development of the CHINAMFG source of power. The factory after nearly 20 years of development from a roller mold factory into a large-scale production of cold. Hot-rolled steel processing equipment. CNC steel processing equipment 5 series more than 30 kinds of products manufacturer enterprises.
  We have always adhered to the “integrity of management, quality first” business philosophy; customer for Gud’s business objectives. Through a nationwide sales and service network, improve the pre-sale, selling service and after sale service; sincere cooperation by providing quality products and efficient service for you.

Our Services & Strength

1.Pre-Sales Service: 1)Inquiry and consulting support.
2)We provide you the friendly English user manual and testing video free.
3)24 hours technical support by email or calling.
2.After-Sales Service: 1)Video of operating the machine are available.
2)12 months warranty quality guarantee and charge free technical support forever.
3)Free training to make sure you master the operating of machine.


Q: What’s the delivery time?
A: 10-15 working days to delivery port.

Q: What’s the usually delivery terms?
A: FOB, CNF, CIF, Exworks will be OK.

Q: What’s the MOQ?
A: 1 set.

Q: What’s the payment term?
A: We accept T/T, L/C or Cash.

Q: What’s your delivery port?
A: Usually HangZhou port, ZheJiang port.

Q: What’s the packing?
A: Iron Pallet and Plywood cases or carton or depending on your requires.

Q: Can I change the motor to my local voltage and frequency, Is thereany extra charge?
A: Yes, we can supply motor with frequency and voltage according to local standard. Such as 220V/380V/410V/415V/440V, and 50HZ/60HZ without extra charge.

Q: Can you place OEM orders?
A: Yes,OEM orders are acceptable. We can manufacture machines according to your requirement with your design,logo,color,materials or brand information.

Q:Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?
A:Our factory is located in HangZhou City, ZheJiang Province, China, about 2 hours from ZheJiang , 3 hours from ZheJiang .

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After-sales Service: Online After-Sales
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Customized: Customized
Layout: Horizontal
Cutting Material: Copper, Carbon Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Metal Alloy, Stainless Steel
Power Source: Electric
US$ 3500/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




oudoor furniture

What are the ideal sizes and shapes for aluminum tables in different settings?

Choosing the ideal size and shape for aluminum tables depends on the specific setting and intended use. Here is a detailed explanation:

1. Outdoor Dining Areas: In outdoor dining areas, rectangular and round-shaped aluminum tables are commonly used. Rectangular tables offer versatility and can accommodate larger groups, making them suitable for restaurants, cafes, or outdoor events. They provide ample space for dining and can be arranged in long rows or grouped together. Round tables, on the other hand, promote a more intimate dining experience and are suitable for smaller groups or couples. They encourage conversation and are often preferred in outdoor cafes or patio settings.

2. Picnic Areas and Parks: Picnic areas and parks often benefit from larger aluminum tables that can accommodate multiple families or groups. Rectangular tables are popular in these settings as they provide ample seating space and can accommodate picnic baskets, food, and beverages. Additionally, some picnic areas may have designated barbecue grills or cooking facilities, and larger rectangular tables can provide space for food preparation and serving.

3. Rooftop Terraces and Balconies: For rooftop terraces and balconies, smaller-sized aluminum tables are often preferred to optimize space utilization. Square or round tables are ideal for these settings as they can comfortably accommodate a few individuals or couples. The compact size allows for flexibility in arranging the furniture and creating cozy dining areas while maximizing the available space.

4. Poolside and Patio Areas: Poolside and patio areas typically require aluminum tables that are durable and resistant to moisture. Round or square tables are commonly used in these settings. Round tables can facilitate conversation and social interaction, while square tables offer a more structured and symmetrical arrangement. The size of the tables can vary depending on the available space and the number of people expected to use them.

5. Bar and Bistro Settings: Bar and bistro settings often feature tall or counter-height aluminum tables. These tables are designed to accommodate bar stools or high chairs, creating a casual and social atmosphere. Rectangular or square-shaped tables are commonly used, with sizes that allow for comfortable seating and the placement of drinks and appetizers.

6. Outdoor Lounges and Cafes: Outdoor lounges and cafes often employ a combination of different table sizes and shapes to create varied seating options. Along with rectangular and round tables, smaller coffee tables or side tables can be used to accompany lounge chairs or outdoor sofas. This arrangement provides flexibility for guests to enjoy a beverage or snack in a relaxed setting.

7. Event or Conference Spaces: In event or conference spaces, aluminum tables are typically used for seating arrangements, buffet setups, or display purposes. The size and shape of the tables depend on the specific requirements of the event. Rectangular tables are commonly used for banquet-style seating, while round tables encourage interaction and facilitate discussions among participants.

It is important to consider the available space, the number of people to be accommodated, and the desired seating arrangement when determining the ideal size and shape of aluminum tables. By understanding the specific setting and intended use, you can select tables that optimize functionality, promote comfort, and enhance the overall aesthetics of the environment.

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Can I find child-friendly aluminum tables for family use?

Yes, you can find child-friendly aluminum tables that are suitable for family use. Here is a detailed explanation:

1. Durable Construction: Child-friendly aluminum tables are designed with durability in mind. Look for tables that are made from high-quality aluminum or aluminum alloy, which is lightweight yet strong. Ensure that the table has a sturdy construction that can withstand the active use and play of children.

2. Safety Features: Child-friendly aluminum tables often come with safety features to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries. Some tables have rounded edges and corners to prevent sharp edges that could potentially harm children. Look for tables with smooth surfaces and no exposed screws or bolts that children could catch their clothing on or get injured by.

3. Stability: Stability is crucial when considering a child-friendly aluminum table. Look for tables with a wide base or legs that provide a stable foundation. Tables with a lower center of gravity are less likely to tip over if children accidentally lean on them or apply pressure. Consider tables with non-slip feet or rubberized leg bottoms to prevent sliding on smooth surfaces.

4. Easy to Clean: Child-friendly aluminum tables should be easy to clean, as children can be messy. Look for tables with a smooth and non-porous surface that can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. Avoid tables with intricate designs or patterns that could trap dirt or food particles, making them more challenging to clean.

5. Adjustable Height: Some child-friendly aluminum tables come with adjustable height options, allowing you to customize the table to the appropriate height for your child. This feature ensures that the table is ergonomically suitable for children of different ages and sizes, promoting proper posture and comfort during activities.

6. Colorful and Fun Designs: Child-friendly aluminum tables often feature colorful and fun designs that appeal to children. Look for tables with vibrant colors or patterns that can liven up the play or dining area for your child. Some tables may even have graphics or characters that children find engaging and enjoyable.

7. Optional Features: Depending on your specific needs, you may find child-friendly aluminum tables with additional features. Some tables have built-in storage compartments where children can keep their toys or art supplies. Others may come with attached seating or benches designed specifically for children.

When searching for child-friendly aluminum tables, consider reputable brands or manufacturers that specialize in furniture for children or families. Read product descriptions, customer reviews, and safety certifications to ensure that the table meets safety standards and is suitable for family use.

By considering these factors, you can find child-friendly aluminum tables that provide a safe and enjoyable space for your children to engage in various activities such as eating, playing, drawing, or studying. These tables are designed to withstand the demands of family use while prioritizing the safety and comfort of children.

oudoor furniture

Are there specific types of aluminum alloys used in manufacturing tables?

Yes, specific types of aluminum alloys are commonly used in the manufacturing of tables. Here is a detailed explanation:

1. Aluminum 6061: Aluminum alloy 6061 is one of the most popular choices for manufacturing tables. It is a versatile alloy that offers a good balance of strength, durability, and workability. Aluminum 6061 has excellent corrosion resistance and can withstand outdoor conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor tables. This alloy is often used in the construction of lightweight and sturdy tables, including dining tables, outdoor patio tables, and folding tables.

2. Aluminum 5052: Aluminum alloy 5052 is another commonly used alloy in table manufacturing. It is known for its high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Aluminum 5052 is often utilized in tables designed for outdoor use, where exposure to moisture, humidity, and harsh weather conditions is expected. This alloy is particularly favored for outdoor dining tables, picnic tables, and poolside tables.

3. Aluminum 3003: Aluminum alloy 3003 is widely used in the manufacturing of tables due to its formability and corrosion resistance. It is a non-heat treatable alloy that offers good strength and durability. Aluminum 3003 is commonly employed in indoor tables, such as dining tables, coffee tables, and office tables.

4. Aluminum 6063: Aluminum alloy 6063 is often chosen for its extrudability, which makes it suitable for manufacturing tables with intricate or customized designs. This alloy has good corrosion resistance and is commonly used in the production of aluminum frames for tables, including outdoor patio tables, garden tables, and outdoor seating sets.

5. Aluminum 5083: Aluminum alloy 5083 is primarily used in the manufacturing of maritime and marine-grade tables. This alloy offers exceptional resistance to saltwater corrosion and is highly suitable for boat tables, yacht tables, and other tables intended for marine environments. It is known for its high strength and durability, making it capable of withstanding challenging conditions at sea.

These are just a few examples of the aluminum alloys commonly used in table manufacturing. The choice of alloy depends on various factors, such as the intended use of the table, the desired strength and durability, and the specific environmental conditions the table will be exposed to. Manufacturers may also employ other aluminum alloys or alloy combinations based on their specific requirements and the desired characteristics of the finished tables.

It’s worth noting that aluminum alloys can be further enhanced through treatments and finishes, such as anodizing or powder coating, to improve their surface hardness, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal. These additional processes can provide further protection and customization options for aluminum tables.

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