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China Best Sales Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater Adopts CHINAMFG Scroll Compressor small air compressor

Product Description

This commercial heat pump water heater is the best solution for hot water supply of commercial project, can work with advantages of high safety, stability, much convenience, energy saving, and environmental friendly, it assures 24 hours comfortable hot water supplying. widely used in hot water project of school, hotel, hospital, factory dormitory and other large building, which needs large volume water supply.


1. Large Range Heating capacity 10-150kW.
2. American CHINAMFG scroll compressor, quiet and high efficiency.
3. High efficiency tube in shell or tube to tube heat exchanger.
4. Intelligent controlling system.
5. Intelligent EE valve, Automatically defrosting, excellent efficiency at different ambient temp.
6. Intelligent control and Automatic data backup (With self-diagnosis function, auto-defrosting function, complete protection function)to ensure reliable operation.
7. Easy installation and long wiring  LCD operation.


Heating mode Circulating
Ambient temp. range – 10~43ºC
Rated heating capacity Kw 11 18.5 22 27 38 44 52 75 86 114
Rated power Input  KW 2.6 4.4 5.3 6.5 9.2 11 13 18.5 21 28.5
COP W/W 4.23  4.32  4.15  4.15  4.13  4.09  4.00  4.05  4.10  4.00 
Max. Working Current A 11 14 16 20 25 31 38 45 56 62
Power Type V/Ph/Hz 380-415 / 3 / 50(60)
Compressor QTY Pics 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 4 2 4
Compressor brand / type   Panasonice / CHINAMFG CHINAMFG Scroll
Fan QTY Pics 1 1 1 2 2 2 1 2 2 2
Fan power input W 90×1 250×1 250×1 250×1 250×2 250×2 550×1 550×2 550×2 980×2
Heat exchanger High Efficien Shell in Tube heat exchanger
Evaporator Inner threaded pipe + hydrophilic aluminum foil
4-Way valve  Sanhua / Saglnomiya
Electronic expansion Valve Sanhua / Saglnomiya  / CHINAMFG / Other
Contactor Famous brand 
Cabient materials  Galvanzied powder coated steel
Controller 7 m LCD controller
Safety function High and low pressure protection, Overload protection, Temperature protection Power phase sequence protection, etc.
IP code   IPX4
Outlet water temperature ºC 55-60 ºC
Water yield L 240 400 475 560 817 950 1120 1600 1850 2300
Water flow m3/h 2~3 4~5 5~6 6~7 7~10 9~12 10~ 13 14~20 18~25 24-30
Water pressure loss Kpa 50
In/out water connection   D25 D25 D25 DN32 D32 D40 D40 D50 D65 DN80
Refrigerant type    R407c / R410a / R417a
Refrigerant quantity Kg 2.2 3.4 3.5 4 6.6 7 8 13.2 14 16
Noise dB(A) ≤55 ≤59 ≤59 ≤65 ≤65 ≤65 ≤65 ≤68 ≤68 ≤72
Machine Size(L/W/H) mm 655/695/810 710/710/1571 710/710/1571  710/710/1571 1450//710/1180 1440/800/1380 1100/900/2100 1800/1100/2150 2000/1100/2150 2000/1100/2150
Packing Size(L/W/H) mm 685/725/940 740/740/1140 740/740/1140 740/740/1140 1480/740/1310 1470/830/1510 1350/605/1845 1830/1130/2280 2030/1130/2280 2030/1130/2280
Net weight Kg 100 140 180 250 280 310 330 630 780 950
Gross weight Kg 115 160 200 260 315 345 360 670 825 1571

Pipe line design and circuit layout:
Our pipeline design effectively avoids stress vibration points, avoids pipeline resonances so that ensures   system life design, and reduces system noise.
The circuit layout is neat, and the strong and weak electric lines are clearly distinguished, which is convenient  for system installation and maintenance. The important heat exchange components and pipes are covered with thick insulation cotton to reduce the heat loss of the system and ensure the efficient operation of the system.

Components and Installation Diagram:


ZheJiang CHINAMFG New Energy Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer who has more than 20 years experience in refrigeration and heating industry, and long term tech cooperation with world-famous enterprises such as Panasonic, Emerson, Schneider, Wilo,SWEP, Danfoss etc in this field. CHINAMFG focuses on the heat pump project since 1999, making full range heat pump products involving air to water heat pump, water to water heat pump ,heat pump drier , refrigeration ,industrial water cooled chiller and some other relative products . 
Fineco products are strictly designed and tested to make sure the best efficiency and quality to international market. We carry out ISO9001 quality control system and ISO14001 environmental system to ensure providing the best quality products and service to our customers so that our sales network throughout Europe, South America, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and so on. Most of our products have CE and CB certificates issued by TUV. We are looking CHINAMFG for our cooperation.

Package & Container Loading:

Project Cases:

Project Pictures:

— FAQ —

Q1.What does CHINAMFG new energy company do?
A:ZheJiang CHINAMFG New Energy Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer who has more than 20 years experience in refrigeration and heating industry since 1999. We make full range heat pump products involving air to water heat pump, water to water heat pump ,heat pump drier , industrial water cooled chiller ,swimming pool heat pump and some other relative products . 

Q2. How about the delivery time? 
A: Sample needs 12 days, mass production time needs 2-3 weeks for order quantity more than 1 container.

Q3. Can I buy 1 sample from CHINAMFG ? 
A: Yes, we welcome to order samples to do testing and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable. 

Q4. What’s the MOQ for your products? 
A: Low MOQ, 1PC for sample testing is available

Q5. What certificates did CHINAMFG obtain?  
A: The certificate we have include: CE, RoHS, SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001, CB ,national Lab inspecton report, technology patents and so on. 

Q6. Which markets did Fineco  products export to before? 
A: Our sales network throughout Europe,South America, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and so on.

Q7. What  support can CHINAMFG provide to business partner? 
A: * Competitive & high quality products. 
* New business opportunities & profits. 
* Free brochures & technical data. 
* Free training for products of technical,installation & marketing. 
* End customer resources sharing in the territory. 
* Offer 24 hours online service . 

Q8. OEM order is ok ? 
A: Yes. Legal OEM brand is accepted. Please provide your logo and brand authorization to us before production . 

Q9: What’s the warranty about  products? 
A: Yes, we provide 1% free spare parts together with mass order and offer 3 years warranty for main parts . 

We’re looking CHINAMFG to our partnership and cooperation!


Energy Efficiency Grade: One
Heat Temperature: 50-70°C
Work Environment: Common Heat Pump
Heat Source: Air-source
Heating Type: Circulating Heat
Application: Villa Family, Sauna and Swimming Pool, Hotels, Factory Hospital, Student Apartments, Beauty Salons
US$ 2250/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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air compressor

Can air compressors be used for gas compression and storage?

Yes, air compressors can be used for gas compression and storage. While air compressors are commonly used to compress and store air, they can also be utilized for compressing and storing other gases, depending on the specific application requirements. Here’s how air compressors can be used for gas compression and storage:

Gas Compression:

Air compressors can compress various gases by utilizing the same principles applied to compressing air. The compressor takes in the gas at a certain pressure, and through the compression process, it increases the pressure and reduces the volume of the gas. This compressed gas can then be used for different purposes, such as in industrial processes, gas pipelines, or storage systems.

Gas Storage:

Air compressors can also be used for gas storage by compressing the gas into storage vessels or tanks. The compressed gas is stored at high pressure within these vessels until it is needed for use. Gas storage is commonly employed in industries where a continuous and reliable supply of gas is required, such as in natural gas storage facilities or for storing compressed natural gas (CNG) used as a fuel for vehicles.

Gas Types:

While air compressors are primarily designed for compressing air, they can be adapted to handle various gases, including but not limited to:

  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Natural gas
  • Refrigerant gases

It’s important to note that when using air compressors for gas compression and storage, certain considerations must be taken into account. These include compatibility of the compressor materials with the specific gas being compressed, ensuring proper sealing to prevent gas leaks, and adhering to safety regulations and guidelines for handling and storing compressed gases.

By leveraging the capabilities of air compressors, it is possible to compress and store gases efficiently, providing a reliable supply for various industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

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Can air compressors be used for inflating tires and sporting equipment?

Yes, air compressors can be used for inflating tires and sporting equipment, providing a convenient and efficient method for achieving the desired air pressure. Here’s how air compressors are used for these purposes:

1. Tire Inflation:

Air compressors are commonly used for inflating vehicle tires, including car tires, motorcycle tires, bicycle tires, and even larger truck or trailer tires. Air compressors provide a continuous source of pressurized air, allowing for quick and accurate inflation. They are often used in automotive repair shops, gas stations, and by individuals who regularly need to inflate tires.

2. Sporting Equipment Inflation:

Air compressors are also useful for inflating various types of sporting equipment. This includes inflatable balls such as soccer balls, basketballs, footballs, and volleyballs. Additionally, air compressors can be used to inflate inflatable water toys, air mattresses, inflatable kayaks, and other recreational items that require air for proper inflation.

3. Air Tools for Inflation:

Air compressors can power air tools specifically designed for inflation purposes. These tools, known as inflators or air blow guns, provide controlled airflow for inflating tires and sporting equipment. They often have built-in pressure gauges and nozzles designed to fit different types of valves, making them versatile and suitable for various inflation tasks.

4. Adjustable Pressure:

One advantage of using air compressors for inflation is the ability to adjust the pressure. Most air compressors allow users to set the desired pressure level using a pressure regulator or control knob. This feature ensures that tires and sporting equipment are inflated to the recommended pressure, promoting optimal performance and safety.

5. Efficiency and Speed:

Air compressors provide a faster and more efficient inflation method compared to manual pumps. The continuous supply of compressed air allows for quick inflation, reducing the time and effort required to inflate tires and sporting equipment manually.

6. Portable Air Compressors:

For inflating tires and sporting equipment on the go, portable air compressors are available. These compact and lightweight compressors can be easily carried in vehicles or taken to sports events and outdoor activities, ensuring convenient access to a reliable air supply.

It is important to note that when using air compressors for inflating tires, it is recommended to follow manufacturer guidelines and proper inflation techniques to ensure safety and avoid overinflation.

air compressor

What maintenance is required for air compressors?

Maintaining air compressors is essential to ensure their optimal performance, longevity, and safe operation. Regular maintenance helps prevent breakdowns, improves efficiency, and reduces the risk of accidents. Here are some key maintenance tasks for air compressors:

1. Regular Inspection: Perform visual inspections of the air compressor to identify any signs of wear, damage, or leaks. Inspect the compressor, hoses, fittings, and connections for any abnormalities. Pay attention to oil leaks, loose bolts, and worn-out components.

2. Oil Changes: If your air compressor has an oil lubrication system, regular oil changes are crucial. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the frequency of oil changes and use the recommended oil type. Dirty or degraded oil can impact compressor performance and lead to premature wear.

3. Air Filter Cleaning or Replacement: Clean or replace the air filter regularly to ensure proper air intake and prevent contaminants from entering the compressor. Clogged or dirty filters can restrict airflow and reduce efficiency.

4. Drain Moisture: Air compressors produce moisture as a byproduct of the compression process. Accumulated moisture in the tank can lead to rust and corrosion. Drain the moisture regularly from the tank to prevent damage. Some compressors have automatic drains, while others require manual draining.

5. Belt Inspection and Adjustment: If your compressor has a belt-driven system, inspect the belts for signs of wear, cracks, or tension issues. Adjust or replace the belts as necessary to maintain proper tension and power transmission.

6. Tank Inspection: Inspect the compressor tank for any signs of corrosion, dents, or structural issues. A damaged tank can be hazardous and should be repaired or replaced promptly.

7. Valve Maintenance: Check the safety valves, pressure relief valves, and other valves regularly to ensure they are functioning correctly. Test the valves periodically to verify their proper operation.

8. Motor and Electrical Components: Inspect the motor and electrical components for any signs of damage or overheating. Check electrical connections for tightness and ensure proper grounding.

9. Keep the Area Clean: Maintain a clean and debris-free area around the compressor. Remove any dirt, dust, or obstructions that can hinder the compressor’s performance or cause overheating.

10. Follow Manufacturer’s Guidelines: Always refer to the manufacturer’s manual for specific maintenance instructions and recommended service intervals for your air compressor model. They provide valuable information on maintenance tasks, lubrication requirements, and safety precautions.

Regular maintenance is vital to keep your air compressor in optimal condition and extend its lifespan. It’s also important to note that maintenance requirements may vary depending on the type, size, and usage of the compressor. By following a comprehensive maintenance routine, you can ensure the reliable operation of your air compressor and maximize its efficiency and longevity.

China Best Sales Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater Adopts CHINAMFG Scroll Compressor   small air compressor China Best Sales Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater Adopts CHINAMFG Scroll Compressor   small air compressor
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